About Amy

Amy holds a Bachelor's degree with combined honours in History of Science and Technology and Classics (U. of King's College and Dalhousie University) and a Master's degree in Science and Technology Studies (York University).

Amy has had a lifelong passion for spaceflight; researching for a second-grade project on Venus, she was captivated by a cartoon image of two astronauts on the Moon and had to know everything about the Apollo program. As such, she specialized in space history throughout her academic life, culminating in her MA thesis about the little-known Gemini-Rogallo wing; she will happily show you the tattoo to illustrate what that looked like.

University life, however, held little allure for Amy, and so she turned her back on academia in favour of popular science writing. She began with her blog, Vintage Space, and soon parlayed that into a career as a science writer with a solid focus on spaceflight history. Vintage Space spawned a YouTube channel of the same name and ultimately led to her first book, Breaking the Chains of Gravity (Bloomsbury, 2015). Her interests, however, go well beyond space. She also loves early aviation, early technological evolutions, and she's endlessly fascinated with mid-century America.

She also loves punk rock, boxing, bowling, old movies, thinks fashion can be immensely powerful, and still plays her Super Nintendo. Born in Toronto, Canada, she lives in Pasadena, California, with her (adult) kitten, Pete Conrad.

Fighting For Space, Grand Central Publishing, 2020
Apollo Pilot, University of Nebraska Press, 2016
Breaking the Chains of Gravity, Bloomsbury, 2015

Select Video Works

Amy Shira Teitel (Namesake YouTube channel)

The Vintage Space - creator, writer, host, editor, producer 
Pluto in a Minute (NASA) - creator, writer, host, editor, producer

TIME Eclipse Coverage 
DNews/Seeker - writer and host 
Martian Moments (NASA) - host 

Select TV Appearances (Full listing on my IMDb Page)
NASA's Unexplained Files - Science Channel
America Fact vs. Fiction - American Heroes channel
Secret Space Escapes - Science Channel
Impossible Engineering - Science Channel
Aliens on the Moon - Netflix 
Mysteries at the Museum - The Travel Channel
Monumental Mysteries - The Travel Channel

Selected Writing 

Blog at Medium
Vintage Space at Popular Science

Vintage Space at Discover

Nerdist  - August 2014 to February 2015
Physics Focus - January 2013 to December 2014
Motherboard - April 2011 to February 2015
DVICE (the site no longer exists) - July 2012 to July 2014
Discovery News Space (the original site is long gone) - March 2012 to April 2014
Al Jazeera English - March 2013 to March 2014
AmericaSpace - April 2012 to March 2013.
Universe Today - November 2011 to April 2012.

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