‚ÄčAmy Shira Teitel

spaceflight historian, author, YouTuber, speaker, host

Vintage Space 

Vintage Space started in November 2010 as a place for me to dig into all the vintage things I love - the space, the weird Americana, the style, the music, the movies. That didn't last and it ended up being a spaceflight history blog, which I think was a good thing! I started on a self-hosted Wordpress site, and a second iteration was hacked... not fun. So I lost some archives. 

In October of 2014, Vintage Space moved to Popular Science, which was rad! But then the blog network was shut down at the end of October 2016. Not awesome, but there's still two years of blog archives you can check out on PopSci

I'm looking for a new home for Vintage Space, but in the meantime I'm back to my roots with my self-hosted site over at Wordpress.

The blog spawned a YouTube channel, also called Vintage Space, and it's currently my favourite outlet on the Internet! The old videos weren't awesome, but they're getting better every week! Videos go up weekly, occasionally with a bonus episode if I have time and some extra content I want to share with you guys. Here's a sample if you've never seen my show: