‚ÄčAmy Shira Teitel

spaceflight historian, author, YouTuber, speaker, host

Impossible Engineering

And example of broadcast work I've done, I hosted segments of this episode about Robert Goddard and liquid propulsion for the Science Channel series "Impossible Engineering."

Pluto in a Minute

I conceived of, researched, wrote, hosted, and produced these segments at the Applied Physics Lab at Johns Hopkins during July 2015. In the thick of New Horizons' encounter with Pluto was a great place to be! 

Vintage Space

No set schedule, but videos unpacking some little bit of spaceflight history minutia or answering your burning space questions. I research, write, host, edit, and produce all these segments. I'm a one woman band on this one!


Discovery Channel's daily science show with almost 2 million subscribers, this is where I dig into anything that sparks my curiosity. Chimerism was definitely one of the more fascinating topics I took on! I both write and host these segments.